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Owned by South Dakota-born Landon Schoenefeld, Haute Dish epitomizes laid-back elegance, what with chandeliers dangling from the high ceilings and brilliant woodwork along the walls. Read the full article here.

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The specialty of the house at chef Landon Schoenefeld’s Haute Dish is TaterTot Haute Dish (TTHD). “I grew up with ‘hot dish,’ ” says Schoenefeld. “I’d ask my mom what was for dinner, and she’d say, ‘hot dish.’ It can mean anything.”

Bon appetite

I’ve seen “Totchos,” Tot casseroles, and even an upscale version served with short ribs at HauteDish in Minneapolis.


I think Schoenefeld’s dishes like bacon-and-blueberry terrine are unequaled, rich and smoky and big, but you actually can taste them more acutely when balanced against vegetables. That may sound like faint praise for vegetables from a slumming—and possibly even insulting—carnivore, but I can honestly tell you that I’d leap at the chance to order that endive salad each and every time I got terrine at HauteDish, forevermore.


The food at Haute Dish is also all-American, in a very post-postmodern way, by which I mean it takes in all sorts of global, high-cuisine and low-cuisine elements and mixes them any which way, often to great effect.


The kitchen’s namesake dish turns meat and potatoes on its ear, marinating, braising and then basting short ribs in various red wine reductions until they take on a luxe, lacquered sheen, then pairing them with ultra-creamy mashed potato croquettes and a modern version of green bean casserole. It’s marvelous, a shining example of Schoenefeld’s fascination with presenting competing yet complementary textures…